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Helping change the future,

one child at a time.

Podcasting is easy.  Getting your podcast message heard by kids isn’t.  Rezilience Ltd’s million-download track-record, networks, and industry profile take the worry out of getting heard.

We know how to reach kids through high-impact podcasting with story-based messages that stick.  Whether it’s healthy eating, good mental hygiene, positive social skills, resilience, or safety online.  You focus on your mission, we’ll take care of your podcast.

Rezilience Ltd has been shaping and delivering high-quality, research-based, healthy, and fun kids’ content since the pandemic.  We make award-winning story-led podcasts with integrated apps, websites, comics, lesson plans, games and A.I. experiences that are changing the way institutions talk to young people.  Contact us for a free consultation:  [email protected] .